They Got Unitree A.I. Robot Dogs Out Here



A.I. Robots are scary. Straight like that. Have you seen the videos? No, seriously have you? I still want one though.  We already have small robots like cleaning ones in our homes. So the UNITREE A1 Robot Dog is the kind of step-up that you have to be ready for. First off the bot comes with human follow so you may not need a leash. As weird as it sounds, I wonder if the world is ready for walking robot dogs outside. I feel like Cyberpunk 2077 just exploded outside. It quote-unquote sees.  Offering up Dual USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet and you get add ons like plugins. Crazy B…Crazy. Obviously it wouldn´t be this generation without a depth-sensing smart camera that allows for HD real-time transition. Even better, it can move at 7mph and carry 11lbs of weight.  All this means is that we are fucked and I need one of these Unitree A1 Robot dogs.