June 4th 2020 Is A Go For Playstation 5 Reveal



Finally after more than a year with scattered information here and there. Sony will take the reigns off of the Playstation 5 showcasing the system or games. Neither is exactly confirmed in terms of exactly what will be shown. We suspect there will be a combination of both hardware and software since the reveal on June 4th will be an hour long. Sony stated months ago that they would take advantage of smaller-scale events in their transition from not being at E3 2020. With COVID-19 happening all well-laid plans by them and most of the gaming industry were obliterated. Yet, in this span of time, Microsoftś Xbox division has found ways to keep the gaming community across the board informed with their next-generation plans for the Xbox Series X. In Sonyś defense as well, they have had three major gaming titles to release this year in Final Fantasy 7 remake, The Last Of Us 2, and Ghost of Tsushima.


Microsoftś Xbox division´s Xbox Series X has placed pressure on Sony to show something concrete of the Playstation 5. June 4th will allow Playstation the chance to do so in a way that shows strength at the same time a clear way for gamers to understand what the PS5 is all about. We don´t know what will be shown, but all titles are rumored to be running on Playstation 5 hardware, are also playable, and may or may not be launch titles. Rumors are also swirling that Sony wants developers to make PS4 games that they must also be playable on the PS5. What are you expecting from the June 4th event for Playstation 5? Let us know across our channels. We will be back with more Playstation 5 news as we draw closer to the launch of the console.