Introducing PGA Tour Golf 2K21 By 2K Sports


The best Golf game is being developed by HB Studios. Golf Club has done a great job filling the void since EA stopped releasing major Golf titles since 2015. Well with a new deal, and partnership with 2K that all changes. PGA Golf Tour 2K21 is now a thing. That means all of the pomp and explicit simulation gameplay that goes into 2K sports titles, Golf will now be getting that treatment. There is a website currently up for PGA Tour 2K21 that showcases a teaser. You can watch the teaser in this post, but outside of that, we have to wait for more information and gameplay that can be assessed on the title. What’s great is we get a Golf game and we get it from a great studio that understands the sport; all while being able to deliver it to gamers in a satisfying way.

I’m curious to see how 2K sports presents Golf with HB Studios because of the drought and the fact that Golf has so much history. The good thing is that there is nothing currently to compare it to. So the sensationalism can be added to the experience along with game modes that can expand the new title. Like having a cool dedicated My career mode is going to be awesome if done well. This game will also be one of the first sports games announced for the next generation of consoles. So there are benefits we have yet to see, or experience so long as the foundational gameplay is solid. Can’t wait to learn more, then stay tuned for more from us here at Sport Slayer.